Monday, 22 September 2014

New beginings

I tried to do a typical blogger picture of my laptop but it didn't really work haha.
Hiya everyone, so you have probably noticed that I've deleted all my posts. I'm not gonna lie it was actually quite sad, saying goodbye to all my awkward tween posts. But for a while now I've just wanted to start afresh. I've had a few months off from blogging; I've had a think about what I want to write about and how to put more personality into my blog, because without realizing I think I came across as a bit bland and boring.

I also wanted to see if I'd miss it because I went through a stage where it was more of a chore than a hobby. And I have! This time I really want to give it a proper go (oh god I sound so serious haha) and try a bit harder.

So because I'm starting again I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself. I'm awful when it comes to things like this it sounds like I have the most boring life ever ah. My names Lauren, I'm fifteen and I'm from England. I suppose I'm your typical teenager to be honest my life basically consists of clothes, make up, music and fangirling too much over bands.

I don't want to blabber on too much, I just want to say thanks to all my followers for sticking with me! And to most of all, Jess, Dinda and Jamie cos I really dunno what I would do withouth your amazing photography skills for my blog pictures ;) I will be posting soon guys, probably just outfit posts, beauty reviews and a few random bits x

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